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Alma Accent Prime Laser

Alma Accent Prime Laser

If you want to address the signs of aging you’ve noticed recently, or you could do with a little help to get rid of the last few pounds of stubborn fat, the Alma Accent Prime Laser™ aesthetic platform could be the answer to your problems. Alex Alperovich, MD, FACC, FSCAI, and his team at Pure Aesthetics Medica in Jackson, Tennessee, are experts in the use of Accent Prime to help patients with skin rejuvenation and body contouring. Call the office today or book an appointment online.

Alma Accent Prime Laser Q & A

What is the Alma Accent Prime Laser?

Accent Prime is the name of the latest aesthetic platform from Alma Lasers and is a state-of-the-art device for body contouring and cosmetic skin treatments. Accent Prime is a safe, noninvasive way to:

  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Contour face and body
  • Tighten skin

Dr. Alperovich and his team use Accent Prime because it provides excellent results for their patients.

How does the Alma Accent Prime Laser work?

Accent Prime uses a combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency technologies, enabling the team to tailor treatments to every patient’s individual needs. There are three elements to the technology:

Alma Unipolar™ Technology

Unipolar technology allows your practitioner to heat tissues safely at varying depths below the skin, giving them the flexibility to treat the target areas with precision.

Cold Shear Wave™ and Hot Ultrasound

Longitudinal and transverse ultrasound waves combine in a unique, patented technology that enables your practitioner to target fat cells while leaving other cells unaffected. The vibrations from the ultrasound damage the membranes of the fat cells, causing them to break down and release the fat stored inside. The treated fat cells disperse, and your body disposes of them naturally.


The Accent Prime Pixel RF™ module uses radiofrequency waves to heat the skin and ablate the surface layers. The resulting microdamage boosts the body’s natural healing mechanisms, leading to regeneration of the epidermis and a fresh, glowing complexion.

How long after treatment with the Alma Accent Prime Laser can I expect to see results?

Results vary according to your individual requirements and the procedure used to treat you. Most patients have a series of between four and six treatment sessions, and you should start to see results after the second session.


It does take time for your body to generate new skin and dispose of fatty tissues through the lymphatic system, so you won’t see the full effect of your treatment until a month or two after your last session.


If you’ve been dieting and working out and you still can’t get rid of your love handles, or if your skin needs a boost, Accent Prime could help. To find out more, call Pure Aesthetics Medica today or book using the online tool.

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